Alltyr Clinic’s Recovery Skills group is a high quality, CBT-based approach to relapse prevention training. Participants will learn skills and strategies to implement or maintain changes to their substance use in a safe and supportive environment with their peers and a licensed professional.

  • Anyone is welcome
  • Come for as many visits as you wish.
  • Come back for a refresher whenever needed.
  • For new patients we recommend a minimum of 6 group visits.
  • Group focus is on skill development and maintenance.

Please make an appointment if you plan on coming.  Appointments can be made up to 2 hours before group.

No penalty for canceling up to 2 hours before the group. No shows will incur a $25 charge.

Individual RTS available at usual therapists’ rates!

FAMCO (Family and Concerned Others Training Courses)

Alltyr Clinic’s FAMCO training course offers a new perspective on the science of substance use disorders and how to support your loved one to recovery. Throughout the course, participants will learn new skills to transform their relationships with their loved ones. Each week a new topic will be discussed, readings will be assigned and individuals will participate in exercises designed for skill development.   

  • Meets once a week for 6 weeks
  • Offered 4 times a year
  • OPEN TO ALL.  Non patients of alltyr clinic welcome

To register call the clinic or email Elizabeth Stolt, LADC:

Click Here To Register for FAMCO


Includes evaluation, collateral information gathering, report writing, testimony, travel time.


Alltyr offers consultation and  training for addiction programs, health care systems, businesses, health plans, legislators and other policymakers, criminal justice agencies and other organizations. We can help you organize services according to current scientific understanding of substance use disorders, learn how to demand quality services from a provider, and learn how to measure and compare outcomes and quality improvement for addiction treatment.


Alltyr can help with educating health professionals about screening, evaluation and treatment of substance use disorders, implementing the latest scientific findings into treatment, pain management for primary care providers, and pain medication and addiction. We can also provide education about criminal justice policies and interactions, general drug policies, prescription drug abuse, screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT), treating intoxication and withdrawal, as well as palliative care and hospice.


Alltyr staff are skilled at program evaluation as well as clinical and health services research. Alltyr can provide consultation to pharmaceutical companies about medication development and clinical trials, to health care organizations and health plans about assessing the effectiveness of their substance use treatment approaches, and how to implement evidence-based practices and evaluate the effectiveness to do so.


• Independent Medical Examinations

• Civil and criminal psychiatric forensic services

• Chemical dependence evaluations (Rule 25)