Outpatient Addiction Specialty Clinic

An Alternative

Alltyr’s treatment approach is based on each patients’s needs and preferences. Alltyr offers every known available evidence-based treatment for alcohol and addiction recovery.  It is grounded in the most recent scientific research and changes its practices as research findings change. Alltyr Clinic is committed to offering the full range of treatment options available. Most often, multiple approaches using both medications and behavioral therapy are recommended, and may change depending upon a patient’s response.  Patients never have to worry about being automatically labeled and then pushed to accept a treatment that may not be best or most preferred by you.

How is ALLTYR CLINIC different?

Rehab programs and centers offer standardized, cookie-cutter approaches, where all patients receive the same treatment. They have fixed lengths of stays, and require a major commitment of time and money, no matter what kind of problem their patients may have. In contrast, Alltyr patients have no set program, cost, type or fixed length of treatment. One patient could come for a consultation only, while another may receive treatment for years.  For lasting results, addiction and alcohol recovery treatments should be unique and tailored to the individual.

“I don’t want to just offer a new treatment, I want to spur change in treatment around the country. My idea is to demonstrate we can produce superior results with less money and greater patient satisfaction.” 

– Mark Willenbring, M.D.


We are a private pay clinic. We do not accept insurance.