We are Alltyr

This is our dedicated Alltyr Staff who work together to bring our patients and their families the best evidence based medical care possible.

The Alltyr Staff is skilled at program evaluation as well as clinical and health services research. We can provide consultation to pharmaceutical companies about medication development and clinical trials, to health care organizations and health plans about assessing the effectiveness of their substance use treatment approaches, and how to implement evidence-based practices and evaluate the effectiveness to do so.

We can also provide education about criminal justice policies and interactions, general drug policies, prescription drug abuse, screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT), treating intoxication and withdrawal, as well as palliative care and hospice. The Alltyr Staff is dedicated to compassionately implementing the latest scientific findings into treatment, pain management for primary care providers, and pain medication and addiction.

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What people are saying about us

  • "In fact I have mentioned Alltyr to people I care about who I think could benefit from your approach, and I sincerely hope they find it as life changing as I have."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
  • "Just that I am extremely grateful to have found Alltyr. Thank you, a million times thanks. You have made a profoundly positive impact in my life."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
  • "Staff is very experienced in treating drug addiction/also very passionate & caring; they go the extra mile to help every patient."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
  • "Definitely yes, without a doubt. Because at Alltyr, I have been given 100% attention, concern, etc. Best treatment program."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
  • "They understand being compassionate toward someone who suffering from the disease rather than being punitive. They offer encouragement as a way to motivate patients."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
  • "They understand what works and what doesn't work for loved ones and family members who are "trying" to help the addicted person."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
Compassion and encouragement among patients and Alltyr Staff.

Positive support between patients and Alltyr Staff.