Alltyr Clinic specializes in comprehensive assessment and diagnosis. Not all substance use problems are the same. Concerns about alcohol or other substance use can be based on many things: difficulty with reliable control over use, or effects on relationships, health or work. Most people with substance use disorders never have severe life-altering consequences such as legal, employment or serious health problems. Alltyr Clinic staff will explain where you fall on the continuum of severity, and what approaches are most likely to lead to success in reaching your goals.

Alltyr Clinic offers an alternative with a professional, pleasant and confidential approach to assessment and treatment. No treatments are mandatory. You don’t have to worry about being automatically labeled and then pushed to accept a treatment that may not be best or most preferred. Patients are treated with the respect they would expect when seeing any doctor or mental health professional.

First there is a telephone screening to make sure Alltyr Clinic is a good fit and if it is then the patient is scheduled for a comprehensive evaluation with a primary therapist and an addiction physician. The results and conclusions are presented to the patient and to anyone accompanying the patient (if the patient wishes), and a preliminary treatment plan is developed. Recommendations may consist of anything from simple advice with a three-month follow up, to a complex, multimodal plan. Alltyr is truly an alternative to the typical rehab model.

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A typical treatment plan might consist of

  • weekly therapist visits
  • anti-relapse medications including suboxone for opiod dependence
  • recovery skills group group
  • couples and/or family therapy are provided when appropriate.
  • treatment addressing co-existing problems such as depression, anxiety or insomnia

Alltyr Clinic is a “one-stop” shop. We treat co-existing mental health disorders at the same time as substance use disorders. Integrated care works better, costs less, and results in better treatment outcomes compared to separated care. Many programs claim they treat co-existing disorders, but few fully integrate treatment the way we do at Alltyr Clinic.