What if I Have Withdrawl symptoms?

Alltyr Clinic’s medical and nursing staff can manage most withdrawl symptoms on an outpatient basis with close medical follow up. If there is a history of very severe withdrawal, (for example, seizures or convulsion, hospital or intensive care unit admission), or if there are serious unstable medical or psychiatric conditions, patients may be referred to a hospital for management of withdrawl.

Is Abstinence Required?

Abstinence may be recommended when the substance use disorder is more severe, since non-abstinent recovery may be more difficult to achieve. When the disorder is mild, non-abstinent recovery may be a viable option. In any event, the choice of treatment is the patient’s to make and Alltyr Clinic works to help achieve the patient’s goals. Often, after trying an initial goal of responsible, low risk use, patients may change their goal to abstinence if responsible use does not work.

What if I Have a Recurrence?

Contrary to common beliefs, recovery usually doesn’t occur suddenly. Rather, most people must make multiple quit attempts and suffer multiple recurrences before finally achieving stable recovery. Alltyr Clinic staff work with patients to develop skills to reduce the likelihood of recurrences, and to minimize their frequency, length and severity.The same goals apply to any recurrent or chronic disease. At Alltyr Clinic, WE DON’T JUST CALL ADDICTION A DISEASE, WE TREAT IT LIKE ONE! Loved ones are taught how to assist the patient to stop the recurrence quickly, seek help and get back on track. The most important thing is to learn from a recurrence in order to reduce the likelihood of another one.

What are My Chances for Recovery?

Studies show that over time most people succeed. However the likelihood of full recovery varies according to the severity of addiction and co-existing disorders, patient motivation and external factors (such as family and social support.) Alltyr Clinic’s advantage is that we stay with you, manage co-existing disorders, and involve partners and family as indicated, thus maximizing your chances of recovery. As an alternative to typical rehab, Alltyr Clinic will stay with you as long as it takes, provided you are making a good faith effort to recover. PERSISTENCE & SUCCESS