• “We are writing to you today with our hearts Full of thanks!  It has been almost one year since K first visited you….his life and our family’s life has completely changed for the better. …We truly believe that for K, Suboxone was life saving. I don’t think he would be here today without it….Thank you for accepting him as a patient and guiding him through his recovery. We are eternally grateful.”

  • "Just that I am extremely grateful to have found Alltyr. Thank you, a million times thanks. You have made a profoundly positive impact in my life."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
  • "Treatment of chemical problems with corrective chemical balance is the only help that has allowed me to move forward with life and stop obsessing about what's past. Regardless of person or problem, this approach is better, by addressing the actual problem at hand."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
  • “Dr. Willenbring saved my life.”

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
  • "In fact I have mentioned Alltyr to people I care about who I think could benefit from your approach, and I sincerely hope they find it as life changing as I have."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient
  • "I think its very forward thinking, nice staff, and it just feels different. I've done other stuff that is just so rudimentary or cliché that I never felt I was getting anywhere. I can already see/feel results with Alltyr."

    AnonymousAlltyr Patient

Here are Alltyr testimonials – what our clients have had to say about us and our alternative approach to drug treatment. Rehab programs and centers offer standardized, cookie-cutter approaches, where all patients receive the same treatment. They have fixed lengths of stays, and require a major commitment of time and money, no matter what kind of problem their patients may have. In contrast, Alltyr patients have no set program, cost, type or fixed length of treatment.

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Alltyr testimonials

Clinical treatment is delivered with care, compassion and respect, in collaboration with the patient, resulting in a truly individualized treatment plan. Our approach is pragmatic, focused on doing whatever needs to be done to promote the well being of patients and the community in the most cost-effective way.